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Uitzicht Menu

* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Wheat and Gluten free bases available!
R31 extra on any large pizza.

Favourites19 cm23 cm30 cm
Garlic Pita (fresh garlic & origanum)R53R70
Cheesy Pita (fresh garlic, origanum & feta or mozzarella)R82R95
Margherita (tomato base and mozzarella cheese)R53R82R95
Regina (ham & mushrooms)R56R95R122
Hawaiian (ham & pineapple)R56R95R122
Chicken Delite (chicken & peppadew)R95R122
3 Cheeses (chedder, feta & mozzarella)R56R95R122
New Yorker (bacon, mushrooms & onions)R95R122
Caribbean (bacon, banana & garlic)R95R122
Tropical (bacon & avo)R56R95R122
Mona Lisa (olives, green peppers, mushrooms & garlic)R95R122
Manhattan (mince, mushrooms & peppadew)R95R122
Chicken Fungi (chicken & mushrooms)R56R95R122
Cosmo (salami, feta & onion)R95R122
Exotica (cheese, tomato, pineapple & onion)R95R122
Salamina (salami, mushrooms & pineapple)R56R95R122
Greek (bacon, spinach, feta & olives)R102R129
A Lotta Meat (ham, bacon, salami & rib)R115R141
Matt's Rib Delight (rib, onion, pineapple, peppadew & rib sauce)R102R129
Oriental (bbq chicken, mushrooms, onion, green pepper & bbq sauce)R102R129
Carli's Super (ham, salami, mushrooms, olives & avo)R102R129
Tikka Chicken (chicken, onion, peppadew & tikka chicken)R102R129
Mexicana (mince, onion, green pepper, chilli & garlic)R102R129
Sweet & Sour (chicken, green pepper, pineapple & sweet & sour sauce)R102R129
Honey & Mustard (chicken, mushrooms, feta, pineapple & honey and mustard sauce)R102R129
Four Seasons (salami, olives, mushrooms & asparagus)R102R129
Chicken Mayo (chicken, onion, mushrooms & mayonnaise)R102R129
Sweet Chilli Chic (chicken, peppadew, feta & sweet chilli sauce)R102R129
Tahita (mushrooms, olives, onion, feta & peppadew)R102R129
South African (boerewors, fresh tomato, mushrooms, onions, garlic & chutney)R102R129
Creamy Chicken (creamy chicken, mushrooms, asparagus & garlic)R102R129
Fruti Di Mare (shrimps, mussels, calamari, crab sticks & garlic)R133
Al Greeka (anchovies & olives)R102R129
Capers / Chilli / Garlic / Onion / Green Pepper / Pineapple / Banana / Fresh TomatoR12R15R16
Olives / Asparagus / Spinach / Mushrooms / Peppadew / Sundried TomatoR13R17R18
All Cheeses / Meats / Avo (seasonal)R14R19R21
Burger, Chips & 300ml canR92
Cheese Burger, Chips & 300ml canR99
Hawaiian, Chips & 300ml canR105
Bacon & Cheese Burger, Chips & 300ml canR105
Dagwood, Chips & 300ml canR110
Mega Burger, Chips & 300ml canR120
Burgers 150g Patty (available in beef, chicken, veggie or rib) 
Lettuce, tomato, caramalized onions, dills, mustard & relish sauce
Cheese BurgerR70
Bacon & CheeseR79
Bacon & EggR79
Hawaiian - Pineapple & CheeseR79
Mega Burger - 2 x Patties, 2 x CheeseR99
Dagwood -Egg, Cheese & BaconR88
Burger Extras 
Egg / Cheese R13
Bacon / AvoR16
5 x Onion RingsR23
Sauces (pepper, mushroom, cheese)R26
Small ChipsR40
Medium ChipsR50
Large ChipsR61
400g Ribs & ChipsR136
1kg Ribs & ChipsR286
5 x Onion RingsR23
100ml sauce (bbq, sweet chilli, pink sauce)R10
Lasagne (2 Layers of bolognaise, white sauce and lasagne sheets topped with cheese)R142
Bolognaise (Lean beef mince prepared in a rich napolitana sauce)R94R148
Chicken (Pan fried strips with mushrooms in a creamy white sauce)R94R148
Carbonara (Bacon, mushrooms, touch of garlic in a creamy white sauce)R94R148
Alfredo (Ham, mushrooms, and a dash of garlic in a creamy sauce)R94R148
Cheesy Mac (Macaroni in a creamy cheddar cheese sauce) Add bacon or ham: Medium: +R18 Large: +R20R92R139
Vegetarian (Mixed seasonal veg, mushrooms, spinach and a creamy sauce)R92R139
Toasted Sandwiches 
Cheese & TomatoR38
Ham, Cheese & TomatoR42
Bacon & EggR42
Bacon & CheeseR42
Chicken & MayoR42
Bacon & BananaR42
Mince & CheeseR46
Dessets Ola 
Paddle PopR27
Kiddies Menu 
Kiddies Burger & Chips
(add slice of cheese +R13)
5 x Chicken Nuggets & ChipsR57
10 x Chicken Nuggets & ChipsR114
5 x Mini Cheese Grillers & ChipsR51
10 x Mini Cheese Grillers & ChipsR102
35ml sauce included (BBQ, sweet chilli, pink sauce)
Cans 300ml (coke, coke light, fanta, cream soda, sprite, sparberry)R20
2 Litres (coke, coke light, fanta, cream soda, sprite, sparberry)R32
Grapetizer (300ml: Red & White)R22
Appletizer (300ml)R22
Lipton (300ml: Peach, Red Fruits)R21
Cappy (Still) (Orange Mango, Punch, Tropical)R19
Water (500ml: Still, Sparkling)R12
Greek Salad Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, feta and olivesR63
French Salad Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers and carrotsR53
Chicken Salad Chicken strips, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and peppersR69

* Prices subject to change without prior notice.

T&C's apply.

All meat weights quoted before cooking.